Procedure No. 1330

(Ref:) Policy No. 1330

(Ref:) Rules & Regulations No. 1330

****BUILDING RENTAL APPLICATION/PERMIT - Please refer to the form in the

Policy and Procedure Manual page #PHYS.FAC.-24.


  1. Prior to the start of any public assemblage function, over 150 occupant load, the following announcement shall be made to the assemblage:
  2. In the event it becomes necessary to evacuate the building because of an emergency, exits are provided at the following locations. (Give location of exits.) Please identify the two exits closest to your location. When exiting, please proceed orderly to a safe area away from the building.


  1. 1. The request for school facilities shall not interfere or conflict with the educational program.
  2. 2. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco or narcotics shall not be permitted in or on any of the school facilities.
  3. 3. Shoes with cleats or plates will not be permitted in school buildings.
  4. 4. A representative of the school district, preferably a custodian, shall be present on school property whenever an authorized activity is taking place. The designated representative shall have the responsibility to see that all rules, regulations, and laws are adhered to by the group using the school facilities, and that violations are reported to the business office of the school district.
  5. 5. Whenever the rules and regulations have been violated, the District may revoke the permit to use the facilities and may refuse to give the organization further permits.
  6. 6. All permits are for specific facilities and hours. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to see that unauthorized portions of the properties are not used and that the premises are vacated as scheduled.
  7. 7. The District assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage. Persons or organizations using any part of the school properties are cautioned to obtain public liability insurance since the District insurance protects only the District.
  8. 8. The facilities should be left clean and in the same condition as the applicant found them. The District reserves the right to assess clean-up charges.
  9. 9. Persons or organizations using school premises, including a stage or stage equipment, shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture or apparatus, including lights, curtains, ceiling balance, change the counter weights system, or the switchboard, except when under the direct supervision of a district employee. Where the stage is to be used, full details of equipment and personnel needed must be furnished in advance with the application.
  10. 10. All functions shall close at 10:30 p.m., unless special permission is secured in advance from the Business Administrator or designee.
  11. 11. A cafeteria employee approved by the Director of Food Services must be present any time a kitchen is used. Payment of the cost of the employee shall be made to the District, not the employee.

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