1. 1.1 Full-time contracted educators are provided a medical, surgical, and extended health insurance program as a fringe benefit. The cost of the district designated insurance is paid in full by the Board of Education for all educators who qualify (and make application within 30 days of start of service). Employees new to the district and those wishing to make open enrollment changes will be offered the district designated insurance as the only fully paid option. Other plans may be offered as options. However, if the premiums for these options exceed the district designated premium, the employee will need to pay the difference. Those current employees who choose a plan other than the district designated plan will be charged a monthly co-pay. Educators must make application and qualify within 30 days of start of regular contracted service to receive coverage.
  2. 1.2 The insurance benefits become effective on September 1 of the new contract year. For those employees (productivity schools) who work at least 15 days with compensation from Alpine School District under the direction of the principal during the month of August, the employee may elect to have their insurance benefits begin on August 1 for a 12 month period providing application is made by the employee. August employment must be verified in writing to the personnel office.
    1. 1.2.1 The effective date for new insurance benefit items that may be negotiated for teachers is September 1.
  3. 1.3 An educator is continuously insured from September 1 of the first contract year for as long as the educator is with the district.
  4. 1.4 The insurance coverage ends at the time the educator terminates the contract. In cases where an educator has completed the contract year, the insurance shall remain in effect over the summer months until August 31.
  5. 1.5 Board approved health care options other than the district designated insurance are available. If another option is selected, it shall replace the health and accident coverage with the district designated insurance. In the event the option selected is more costly than the district designated insurance, the educator shall pay the additional premium for this option.
  6. 1.6 Part-time educators may obtain the above cited insurance in accordance with the provisions of Policy No. 4080.1 Half-time Educators.

Negotiated: May 21, 1980

Negotiated: December 9, 1985

Negotiated: October 14, 1986

Negotiated: August 25, 1987

Negotiated: September 29, 1988

Negotiated: September 18, 1990

Negotiated: November 26, 1991

Negotiated: May 19, 1992

Negotiated: September 8, 1993

Negotiated: May 24, 2002

Policy No. 4015

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