Rules & Regulations No. 4458

(Ref:) Policy No. 4458



  1. 1.1 The Alpine School District Board of Education supports the professional code of ethics governing personnel who work for the school district and expects its employees to act within these parameters. It further supports federal, state and local laws which prescribe and prohibit inappropriate actions between students and teachers.
    1. 1.1.1 Instruction, counseling, and administrative tasks relating to students which require the presence of students, should be accomplished on school premises within the regularly scheduled time of activities.
      1. “Regularly scheduled time of activities” is whatever is “regular”, “normal”, or “usual” for a particular activity.
      2. An activity that goes beyond the 30 minutes before and/or after school contract time would not be in violation of the policy if it is reasonable and prudent.
    2. 1.1.2 Approval of the school principal shall be required whenever it becomes necessary for a District employee to meet with a student(s) outside the regular school day, or outside of the school premises. (See 1.2)
      1. “Regular school day” for coaches, drama instructors, music instructors, etc. may extend much beyond the 30 minutes before and/or after the school day. These teachers working with students in appropriate practices would not require special written or verbal approval from the principal.
      2. If a teacher meets with a student outside the school premises--as a private citizen--in such activities as church or community work, or as a neighbor, would not be in violation of the Scope of Employment policy and permission need not be obtained.

    3. 1.1.3 District employees shall avoid traveling alone with an individual student.
      1. If it is absolutely necessary to travel with a student, try to always have two or more people--besides yourself--in the car at all times.
    4. 1.1.4 District employees shall avoid being alone at any time with an individual student unless it is necessary in the performance of professional duties within the scope of employment, i.e. counseling, disciplining, instructing, and administrative tasks.
      1. “Necessary” is the decision of the employee. Whatever is reasonable and prudent will determine what is “necessary”.
      2. Employees alone with a student(s) when they are not counseling, disciplining, instructing, or conducting administrative tasks may not be acting reasonably or being prudent and may be in violation of the Scope of Employment policy.
  2. 1.2 District employees are discouraged from inviting students to their homes. If it is done, approval of the principal is needed, i.e., a team being invited to the advisor’s home for a social activity.
    1. 1.2.1 After-hour social activities shall, whenever possible, be conducted on school premises. In all cases, prior approval of the principal should be obtained.
      1. All extra-curricular student activities require prior approval of the school principal. This usually would be accomplished through the calendaring process and would not require additional approval beyond that calendar.
      2. If any extra-curricular activity is being held that has not been properly calendared, the employee shall notify the principal and receive approval.

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