Policy No. 9072


  1. 1.1 Broad permissive curricular powers are given to local boards by the law which states, boards of education “. . . may do all things needful for the maintenance, prosperity and success of schools and the promotion of education.”
  2. 1.2 In addition to the broad permissive powers which boards may exert, some specific powers of boards follow. Boards may “. . . establish, locate and maintain kindergarten schools, common schools consisting of primary and grammar grades, high schools and industrial manual training schools, to establish and support school librarians, to purchase, exchange, repair, and improve high school apparatus, books, furniture, fixtures and all other school supplies.
  3. 1.3 The Board of Education employs all personnel. The Board may employ only legally certified persons as educators.

Board Approved: October 9, 1984

Board Reviewed: January 27, 2003

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